Kevin, As a now-retired mainstream journalist, I ache at what this past year has been like for you -- and for the pain of the changes it has forced upon you. I know my loss as a reader is small compared to what this all costs you and yours. Yours was a voice that earned trust easily because it was so honest, principled and ... humble. Plus intelligent and curious -- such a rare skill set to find flowering in an age of influencers. Know that your work was relied on, recommended and appreciated, both written and podcast with Stacy and occasionally that Twit bunch. Good luck and thanks for (almost wrote "all the fish") sharing so much.

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Hey Kevin, I enjoyed your column a lot. I bought a used Chromebook about 8 months ago and I LOVE IT! Fast, simple, easy to use and above all USEFUL. I am a big fan! So, keeping current is important to me and you helped.

However, I sometimes didn't follow your notes: I saw jargon and tech-notes that, as someone without a tech background, I had trouble following. SO -- MY IDEA FOR YOU!

Write a book that updates Chromebooks for new and untechy users. I know there are lots of new features and improvements, and I don't understand all of them (or perhaps many of them). and I think a book would help a lot. I mean not a simplistic primer for idiots, but a detailed "manual," in plain language for Chromies and potential users.

In any case, thanks for the blog and good luck with your job hunt.


Buddy Schwartz

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Bien que je puisse comprendre les motivations de ta décisions...tu vas nous manquer toi et ton excellent travail. C'était toujours un plaisir de te lire. J'ai appris beaucoup de chose qui ont guider mes choix de Chromebook (3) et les astuces de Chrome OS. Merci encore mon ami, bonne chance et je te souhaite le meilleur pour tes projets futurs ...Ciao!!!

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Sorry to see this, Kevin, as I love your stuff. Keep your options open, good luck finding a job, and we all hope to see you back here sooner rather than later!

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I think the proportion of Chromebooks in the population as a whole is still very low. That's why it's probably (still) a niche in which you can't (yet) earn enough money.

Maybe that will change in the next few years and you'll come back to the topic at some point. I would be delighted, I enjoyed reading the newsletter regularly.

But I can also understand your decision. So I wish you all the best for the future. And thank you for the time and work you have invested.

Greetings from Germany


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I learned a lot from you.

Wishing you a great job that pays well soon!

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Best wishes and lots of luck for the future. I've been a follower of you since back when you wrote and produced videos with James Kendrick. I'll always think of you when I use my Chromebook 🙂

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A big Thank You to you Kevin. You are a talented individual who is also a good communicator on technical issues and I know I have benefited from what have shared. So thanks heaps for what you have done to make chromebook'n fun. My prayers are that you find the job you love and that job loves you back and rewards your family. God bless and keep you.

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Job well done. Thanks for everything. But your family comes first, I get that.

All the best for the future Kevin.

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