Enjoy that Dragonfly Pro - looking forward to hearing about it when the embargo lifts. Quite the build up!

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You were super productive with this issue, thank you. I have 2 unrelated comments.

I am more than surprised that the X360 comes not just 'only' with 4GB, but, like my X2, with anything but 8GB. I have three Chromebooks with 4 and three with 8, and under no circumstances can I see myself going back to 4GB. And I use no heavy or demanding software: browser and music apps mostly, including quite a few YouTube tabs. Maybe that's why 8GB matters. ? Oh yeah, I paid $250 for the X2 last summer-ish, with the smaller storage, which is more than enough for me uses. I love it!

Regarding the "revamp" flag, I have it on stable 110, but it does not nothing 😄 . Well, not totally true. On my HP Chromebase (main driver) it caused an old onboard keyboard glitch to resurface. I'm thinking that HP doesn't quite have the firmware thing down for Bluetooth peripherals. I've had a lot of problems. And their awesome Bluetooth keyboard, as with other HP PC's I've had, is quickly losing the paint one letters. They need to sell an overlay.

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