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Hi Kevin, great post!

I love my Acer Spin 714 and Lenovo Flex 5i both of which I purchased based on reading your blog for some time now. Thanx! BTW, I love the garaged, self-charging USI 2.0 stylus that comes with the 714 which is also compatible with the 5i. 2in1 Chromebooks are just awesome for use in teaching coding in laptop mode or math in tablet mode! Both of these chromebooks fit the Google Chromebook Plus criteria so, again, thanx.

Question 1) I have been doing a lot of screencasting lately for Youtube and Udemy. I have one problem, recently my Acer has been creating static when I record my voice with the internal mic. I have to switch to my Blue Yeti external USB mic whenever I'm recording or on Zoom. Have you experienced anything like this with your 714?

Question 2) Also, I just started using the Chromebook Screencast app. I like it except I don't know how to add a virtual background when using my webcam. Have you had occasion to work with this?

Thanx in advance,

A. Jorge Garcia

Applied Math & CS

Nassau Community College


PS: thanx for your recommendations on a USI 1.0 pen a few years ago

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Are you concerned that the introduction of Plus will crash the under $300 Chromebook market? I'm wondering if there will be much interest by Christmas for non-Plus Chromebooks, even considering the extended AUE dates.

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Great question, Douglas, and one I posed to Google when meeting with them at the Chromebook Plus event.

I don’t think it will have much of a negative impact on less expensive devices because people are still very price and budget conscious. However, I do wonder if some of those who can’t afford a Plus model feel a little miffed that their devices don’t have the same ChromeOS features as Chromebook Plus models.

I used to say that all Chromebooks do the same things, just at different performance levels. Not sure I can say that any more given the announced and expected Chromebook Plus features. 🤔

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